Automatic Doors

In Belfast, County Antrim

Glass automatic sliding doors entrance into shopping mall

TMR Security Ltd

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors serve as a modern, energy-saving alternative to manual doors. Not only do automatic doors offer great convenience for visitors and business owners, but they help increase the aesthetic of your premises and maintain a high level of hygiene.

Here at TMR Security Ltd we are experts in the supply and installation of two types of automatic doors.

Ideal for areas with high footfall like shop entrances, sliding automatic doors remove the struggle of opening heavy, manual doors. By installing a sliding automatic door at your premises it will allow for visitors and employees to pass through areas with ease, improving access for disabled people and those with mobility issues.

For places with less foot traffic, automatic swing doors may be the perfect choice. These doors are ideal for providing easy access for disabled people, elderly people and those with mobility problems. Each automatic swing door comes with an access control pad, allowing users to engage the door to open by simply pressing the pad.

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